Heaven for theater

The first cloud platform dedicated to cinema management

Improve the management of  your exhibition center


Just like ticketing brought digital to planning and scheduling, like signage brings it to the lobby and like support tooling brings it to service; cineven© fully exploits the promise of going digital to each corner of the cinema operations.


Small and medium exhibitors with few in-house team, under margin pressure, this product is aimed for you. With less manual operations and more automatism based on an efficient knowledge of business of cinema, cineven© will reduce the time you are spending on technical activities and will allow you to spend more time on your core business, entertaining your customer.


cineven© has a unique approach. Stored and operated in the cloud, it offers a complete and powerful dedicated to cinema solution. Easy to access and simple to configure, no upfront acquisition cost, no loyalty fee, just a tiny fee on every ticket you sell thanks to cineven©. And you can stop whenever you want!


  • Ticketing
  • Booking
  • Loyalty program
  • Website
  • Signage templates
  • CRM
  • ...


cineven is a company founded in 2014 by cinema and software experts, backed-up by many years of experience in developing products dedicated to cinema business.
cineven is proposing end to end solutions dedicated to management of a cinema (theater). Stored in the cloud, the set of products that cineven is offering is easy to handle and provide with high level functionnalities such as ticketing, signage, playback automatisation... The concept for a cinema owner is to pay a fixed amount per ticket, no expensive cost upfront, no loyauty fee, constantly updated and simple to leave at any time.

"cineven, the smartest way to perform with your entertainment center"